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Chad Furlong

When Chad was 16, he was a student at Alameda High School in the Bay Area of Northern California. As most students are required to do, he sat through several school assemblies. At one reticular assembly, Donnie Moore spoke and had a profound impact impact in Chad's life. It was then that he realized the impact an inspiring moment could have and he determined to live big and make a difference. In 2000, he launched and has spoken to over 2.5 millions students since that time. He is passionate about seeing young adults reach their full potential and pursue their individual and unique passions. He is also passionate about his project, El Jardin De Los Suenos (The Garden of Dreams), where he is actively launching a free daycare in Punta Colonet, Baja California, Mexico. Chad resides in San Diego, Ca and is the proud father of Miracle and Nataly.